The military dog tags, also known as an identity plats, is a military piece of equipment used by almost all armies of the world. The purpose of the dog tags is to facilitate the identification of an unconscious or fallen soldier in action. Military dog tags usually consist of two metal plates or one that can be broken in half. The tags usually have the basic details of the person in its possession stamped on them. These include: Name, blood type, religion and registration number.

Military dull dog tags

These are military dull dog tags, ready to shipment .

Dog tags have become a stylish gadget worn by many people. In an emergency situation, a dog tag can even save a life. Including one's blood type or writing one's illness, such as epilepsy or diabetes, in a situation requiring immediate third-party intervention dog tags can prove crucial. For people with chronic illnesses, entering the phone number of loved ones or a caregiver is also a good idea when personalizing dog tags.

Military dog ​​tags with pink camo silencers.

Dog tags silencers different colors.

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